Dafen Village


One of the most memorable places in Shenzhen – Dafen Village.

Dafen Village is the world’s biggest art factory, where thousands of artists specialised in recreating the large numbers of iconic oil paintings.
The most exciting and surprising part of the visit was to see the actual, well thought production line set up on the streets, where the artists spend most of their time along with other makers and their whole families including small kids.
The community they have created is based on collaboration. Some people are the painters, some are frame makers whereas others are responsible for putting paintings together, which later on go to the local galleries and are sold by their business partners.

The V&A has produced a really good short video worth watching  Unidentified Acts of Design: The Painters / Dafen Village.
Have a look also at our gallery full of fab pics.

Definitely worth visit, fascinating place, with a great infrastructure.